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Building winning teams & Navigating successful Careers

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Talent Fusion Point, LLC serves as a match-maker in the professional world and

works relentlessly to provide exceptional service to like-minded growing companies and

job seekers - always forging long-term partnerships where we serve

as a true extension of your team making your everyday professional life better.

We do this with integrity, direct communication, out of this world dedication,

years of experience, and a true passion for helping others.

We are community builders.

A paycheck at the end of the day is not enough

and we will leave a positive footprint in our community through our

MAD GIVE program - Giving back what we can every step of the way.



"Connecting People & Making a Difference"

We donate a percentage of our profits towards

the non-profit organization of our clients choice.

Pro-Bono Placements are offered to a non-profit organization annually.

Please let us know if you are a non-profit in need of our services!



Amber Gough is the Founder of Talent Fusion Point, a San Diego based purpose-driven executive staffing firm. As a social impact entrepreneur, Amber is passionate about “Connecting People & Making a Difference.” For over 17 years, she has helped business leaders secure top talent and build winning teams with a united purpose. She believes that cultivating teams with a common goal and driven by a higher purpose, uniquely positions organizations for greater long-term success.

As a military spouse, she is actively involved in serving the veteran and military family community through volunteering with such organizations as, The Rosie Network, SDMAC, Fleet Week San Diego, NSW Sisterhood, and The Honor Foundation. Amber has always been driven by a higher purpose of connecting and serving others in her personal and professional life.

While she enjoys many activities such as kick-boxing, lounging on the beach, traveling, and socializing with friends and family; most of Amber’s free time is spent serving and enjoying her large blended family of five children, two dogs, and an active duty Navy husband.


"Blending my social work background with my talent acquisition and career development experience,

is what makes me a unique individual in this profession. 

I truly care about making a difference for my clients and job seekers. 

I am known for going above and beyond to secure top talent and to make the best match possible. 

I am a true partner to those I work with."

- Amber Gough


Amber is highly experienced professional recruiter with a unique insight and understanding of client needs due to education and a broad range of professional experience. She possesses extensive experience partnering with small to mid-sized private companies, as well as large publicly held international corporations. Successful track record of securing top employees and building winning teams through clear communication, creative problem-solving and commitment to meeting the demands of top-tier employers in today’s market.


Amber was honored with being selected as a finalist for the

2017 Veteran& Military Entrepreneur Awards

hosted by The Rosie Network and San Diego Business Journal. 

She was selected due to her commitment to serving our military families, spouses, and veterans in her business and though countless hours of volunteer time. 

What our clients are saying...

"Amber is an excellent recruiter with a strong focus on building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates.  She understands the industry and is able to respond to unique situations with professionalism and class. She is results driven and has a desire to understand the client's needs and work environment. 

She is committed to delivering quality results."

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